Friday, January 29, 2010


Quite a while back, friend and reader Cyn Rielley started the Odelia Grey Fan Club on Facebook and many people who enjoyed the sleuthing adventures of Odelia joined. It was so cool. I try to visit it often and leave messages with tidbits of news, in addition to my regular Facebook postings.

This week, Cyn and I agreed that the name should be changed to the Sue Ann Jaffarian Fan Club. It made sense to do that since I have more than just the one series. This site will now encourage readers to discuss any of the books I write, not just the Odelia Grey books, and it will be easier for readers of my other series to find the spot.

When Cyn first started the Odelia Grey Fan Club, I blushed. Wow, a fan club. Who? Me? But because the name of the club belonged to Odelia, I could still maintain a certain emotional distance. They were celebrating my sassy, smart ass heroine, not me.

Now that my name is officially on it, I have mixed feelings. First of all, it's a bit embarrassing and seems rather cheeky. I have a fan club! ha ha ha But it is also rather humbling. OMG! What if I disappoint these good folks? Then there's the panic of self-doubt. Don't follow me, cause I don't know where in the hell I'm going!

After years of building a writing career and pounding the keyboard to produce book after book after book, the bottom line is that it is very exciting and heartwarming to know that people are really interested in my work and are waiting for each new book to come out. It's great to go into the club's site and read the notes of encouragement, especially when I'm tired and cranky and don't think I can't write another word, let alone another book. Believe me, that site is more of a help to me than to them.

Thank you, Cyn, for creating this place for the readers and for me. And thank you all who join and send me words of encouragement.

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