Monday, January 04, 2010

Ever Hear of Take Out?

I love cooking shows, especially the competition style ones like Top Chef and Chopped, so when the Food Network launched its new show Worst Cooks in America last night, I was front and center.

O M G !!!

There really are people out there who can't boil an egg properly, let along whip up an omelet. I mean, we've all made jokes about such things, but until last night I truly didn't realize these people existed, except as a joke. Now I'm no Julia Child, but when motivated and have the time, I can whip up something I'm not ashamed to serve to friends.

The show started out with the contestants making their "signature dish." I give high marks to the two chefs on the show for bravery. I wouldn't have touched most of those dishes with a ten foot spatula, let alone put it in my mouth. The 12 worst cooks were then divided into teams and each chef taught his/her team how to make a dish. The contestants then had to replicate that dish. Some did remarkably well, others ... well, let's just say, you can lead bad cooks into the kitchen, but you can make them into Mario Bitali. The two worst cooks in the challenge were sent home. Voted off the kitchen island, so to speak.

Something tells me Worst Cooks In America will be my Sunday night treat while Dexter's on hiatus.


Diana said...

OK,this sounds like a reality show I could watch.

sparkly said...

I live with the worst cook in America. Here's how he makes Kraft Mac n' Cheese:

Put macaroni in a pan of water, simmer for one hour or whenever you remember that you put something on the stove.

Drain with a butter knife, mix the powdery cheese sh*t with milk and butter.

The end.

He's not allowed to use anything but the microwave.