Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bowling for Boobies!

Christa Faust, one of my very favorite people, has put together a team of Sister In Crime members and friends for the upcoming Bowling for Boobies fund raising event on October 27, 2009.

The event runs from 6-9 pm and takes place at Jillian's Hi-Life on Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. At this time, celebrity bowlers include Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go's, and Thomas Lennon of RENO 911, and, of course, our own Sisters In Crime celebrities: Christa Faust, Naomi Hirahara, A.H.Ream, Jane DiLucchio, Sue Stimpson, and Maureen McLaughlin.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to be there, but I will be present in spirit and in checkbook.

Why Bowling for Boobies? Here's why, in Christa's own heart-felt words:

A good friend of mine named Edith recently took her own life after discovering that her breast cancer had returned even after a double mastectomy. I was devastated, as were all her friends, but Edith was an amazing woman who always wanted to help others and so it is in her memory that I have formed Team Sisters in Crime for The Busted Foundation's Bowling for Boobies charity tournament.

The Busted Foundation helps women who beat breast cancer but can't beat the bills. I know times are lean for everyone, and there's very little left over for anything extra, but please consider donating to sponsor my team. No amount is too small. Even one dollar helps keep women like Edith from being crushed under the financial pressures in the aftermath of breast cancer.

You can donate online here:

Read more about the event here:

Thanks!- Christa

The Sisters In Crime team is very close to meeting their $6,000 goal. So let's all pitch in and help them bowl a perfect game. As Christa says, no amount is too small.


A.H. Ream said...

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this great cause! All our boobies need a little support sometimes...

Diana said...

Ashley - I know mine do!!!

Jessica*Elizabeth said...

I work for Paradise Lanes & FEC in Spartanburg SC I was wondering about the image with the bowling balls in the bra, WE are wanting to make t-shirts for a local campaign here for a house bowler of ours who recently got diagnosed. and we are also hosting an all day event and proceeds go to Susan G Komen...again, the image i am interested in is on your site i didnt know if it was a copyright, or if we could use it. If i could have someone give me a call or e-mail so I know whether or not i can use the image i would greatly appreciate it. 864-576-0066 ext 107
Thank you!!!

I'm so pleased to see so much support!!!