Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Tomorrow morning, extremely early, I will be driving to Las Vegas for two book events. I'm not fond of Las Vegas. The noise, the crowds, the second hand smoke, all make me nuts. And even though you can find cheap buffets in Sin City, that's about the only thing that is inexpensive. But there are a couple of things I am looking forward to about the trip.

1 - The 4-5 hour drive will give me time to listen to a book on tape. I've been trying to read Diana Gabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes since it first came out. I even own a copy of the 1,000 page tome. But since it's not exactly a convenient book to tuck into one's purse, it has been languishing in my To Be Read pile. This week I went to my local library and picked up part 1 of the audio recording for the road. Since the entire audio edition is 24 hours long, I seriously doubt I'll finish it, but I should get a good jump on part 1 and can listen to part 2 while doing stuff around the house and on drives to other book events. I absolutely love this historical time travel series.

2 - I'm speaking on Thursday evening and Saturday morning, leaving Friday to languish by the pool and do several thing I love: read and write. My manager and friend, Diana James, is going with me and we're both are excited about having a full day of down time. My plan is to work on Odelia book #6, Body Bingo, and to read some research materials for the new series I'm developing.

3 - We're staying at a hotel that's new to both Diana and me - South Point. This hotel came highly recommended to me by a friend who stays there every time he visits family in Vegas. It is NOT on the strip, which is a plus for me, and is almost a self-contained little resort, complete with movie theatres, large rooms, even a spa. Better yet - we got it at a dirt low price. Vegas is almost giving away their rooms these days.

4 - I'm really looking forward to the two speaking events. The first one is on Thursday night. I will be speaking to the Las Vegas Writers Group. Saturday morning it's off to spend time with the Las Vegas Romance Writers - Cactus Rose RWA. Following the Cactus Rose meeting, it's back to LA for a Sunday of catching up.

Going to Las Vegas is a chore for me, but this trip, with its several plus sides, could be the best one yet. I'll post about my travels when I return.

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Alan Orloff said...

Remember Sue Ann: What happens in Vegas...becomes fodder for your next book!

Have a great time!