Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Different Puppies, Same Litter

Last night at 6 pm pacific time, I hit the send button on my computer, sending Hot 'n Haunting, the 2nd book in my Granny Apples mystery series, off to my publisher.

What is especially auspicious about this event, is that it was book #7 of the 15 books I have under contract with Midnight Ink (between 2 series). It's like hitting the half way point during a marathon. When #8 is sent off, it will be like cresting the hill - like having Suicide Hill behind me on the Mud Run.

Now before anyone out there thinks I'm complaining, think again. Yes, it is almost like I've become a single-employee book factory, but I am truly enjoying writing each and every book I'm cranking out. Each one is like birthing a different child. And like children born from the same gene pool, each book has a different personality, sensitivity level and sense of humor, as well as commonality. Sort of like the 7 puppies in the photo above. They are different, yet with the same DNA. Each new book presents me with new challenges. And I can't wait for the next.

Speaking of next. Here's what's queued up.
On September 20th I begin work on the 6th Odelia Grey novel, currently titled Body Bingo. I will also be fleshing out my idea for the 3rd Granny Apples book. Between now and then, I will be taking my usual short hiatus from my novels to work on things like cleaning up my desk, sorting my notes, and resting my brain. I will also be working on an idea I have for a new mystery series, and writing 2 speeches for upcoming events. So have no fear, I won't be wallowing in inactivity.

For the next 2 months I will also be making many appearances up and down Southern California, including 2 in Las Vegas. I will be keeping very busy before the big push at the end of the year to get Body Bingo out the door on time.

Check out the Calendar page of my web site, and if you can make it to any event, please stop by and say hello!

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Beth Solheim said...

Congrats on hitting the send button and reaching another milestone. I am in awe of your energy. Care to share some?