Sunday, August 09, 2009

Suspension of Belief or Twilight Zone?

By now everyone has heard the disgusting story of how Ryan O'Neil hit on Tatum O'Neil, his own freaking daughter, at Farrah Faucett's funeral. When I first heard this, I figured it was some joke. Certainly, it couldn't be real. Finally this weekend, after hearing several comics talk about it, I decided to look up the story for myself.

Well, I'll be damned ... it was true! The slime bag really did come on to his own daughter. According to the story in Vanity Fair, O'Neal claims he didn't recognize Tatum.

He didn't recognize his own daughter??? I don't even know Tatum O'Neil but I recognize her every time I see a photo of her. I don't even need a caption to assist me.

But lack of recognition of his own spawn aside, it's still pretty vile that this man, who professed such love and devotion in a documentary that was shown recently worldwide, hit on ANYONE just minutes after touching the casket of Farrah Fawcett. The woman wasn't even in the ground yet! Over the years, anyone paying even moderate attention to entertainment gossip has learned that Ryan O'Neil was hardly the model father, husband, and companion, but this really takes the cake. A new low in maledom.

This is the sort of plot twist you wish you'd thought of first to put in a novel. And even as I write this, I'm sure many novelists are doing just that. But it's also the sort of thing many editors are going to criticize, saying it demands too much suspension of belief.

This is so skanky on so many levels...


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