Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Aching Eyeballs

As most everyone within a 5,000 mile radius of me knows, I’m in the final throes of finishing Hot ‘n Haunting, the 2nd book in my Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series. This means that I need to be writing several hours a day, both in the morning before I go to work at the law firm and after work. Problem is, at ye old day job I’ve been given some pretty boring and tedious projects. You know the kind. The sort of work that numbs the mind and makes the noggin throb. Throw in hours of squinting at legal due diligence documents on the computer and you can add bulging, bruised and unhappy eyeballs to the mix. However, this work needs to be done just as much as Hot ‘n Haunting needs to be finished. Both are on deadlines. Neither can be missed.

So how’s a gal supposed to write when her eyes needs cold compresses?

Hot ‘n Haunting is going well. I’m pleased with it, but just when I can see the finish line, someone moves the tape. I know the ending. It plays like a movie in my brain. But unlike movies, which move fast, novels get tied up with pages and pages of dialogue and description. There's simply no short cut. I can’t get to the finish without following the trail up and down the hills and over the obstacles.

Gee, that’s sounds a lot like the Mud Run I recently finished, doesn’t it. Funny thing, the Mud Run had now become my touchstone. My point of reference when things get tough.

“If I can finish the damn Mud Run, then I can [fill in the blank].”

If I can finish the damn Mud Run, then I can finish Hot 'n Haunting, in spite of wanting to skewer both eyes with knitting needles.

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Lynne_in_CA said...

Yea! You go girl!! I hope I'm in this one too!