Monday, August 03, 2009

Like Buttah

I've been in the proverbial weeds with Hot 'n Haunting, my 2nd Ghost of Granny Apples novel, for several weeks now. Even this weekend, things looked dodgy with Saturday a total writing loss. Sunday was a lot better, and after hacking my way through the swamp that is my mind these days, I made up some time. But even then fell way short of my planned page count for the weekend. This morning I got up early and attacked the manuscript again.

The words came forth like melted buttah. So much so, it was difficult to pull myself away and get ready for work.

Yay! Now I'm cooking!

35 days until Hot 'n Haunting is due to my publisher. No one upset the chef!


Kate Thornton said...

Cook, baby, cook!

And let's get together when you're done.


Beth Solheim said...

Stir those creative juices into a masterpiece.