Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot 'n Haunting - Emphasis on HOT

This was me this weekend, except for the slippers. After a fairly mild summer to date, California got hit with a heat wave - right on the final week of my deadline for Hot 'n Haunting. Seems appropriate, doesn't it?

Starting with Friday night after work, I glued myself to my computer for most of the weekend, pounding out the final chapters to the second book in my Ghost of Granny Apples mystery series.

I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment without AC. At 10 pm on Saturday evening, the thermostat in my apt read 90 degrees. And that was with 2 big fans running 24 hrs a day in the living room and one huge oscillating fan running in my bedroom/office. Sweat poured down my back, down my face, down my arms. Even over the computer mouse. I took cool showers twice a day and lived on stuff like yogurt, cottage cheese, and fresh fruit. Oh yeah, and some ice cream. The cats sprawled on the cooler linoleum in the entry hall and enjoyed the ice cubes I dumped into their water from time to time. Speaking of water, I think I drank my weight in it in the past couple of days.

Why, you ask, didn't I just leave and go someplace with AC to work? Because I write better when I'm at home at my desk top. And because Hot 'n Haunting is due to my publisher in 8 days. Yes, eight, ocho, VIII days!

So how did I do on my deadline this weekend? I'll tell ya straight out - I ROCKED! In spite of the brutal heat, I cranked out some of pretty cool stuff. And I'm so close to finishing, I not only can see the finish line, I can smell it.

Or is that me needing another shower?

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Moe said...

The same thing happened to us weather wise. It was an unusually cool summer then all of a sudden two weeks before school started it was like the earth opened up and let out the exhaust--hot, humid and all around uncomfortable. We are still getting summer temps.