Monday, July 27, 2009

I Hate Housework

This weekend I did a lot of housework. No, I didn't wash floors or scrub toilets, though that needed to be done and still does need to be done. This weekend I did a lot of writing housework. You know, the stuff that has to be done to keep the writing and promotion of books moving along, but doesn't add to the completion of an actual book aka words being put on a page.

For instance, I spent over six hours yesterday just overhauling my website. It was in sore need of a makeover since I hadn't updated it since God wore short pants. I've been wanting a spiffy new website for some time, but with the economy the way it is, decided in the end to do it myself. Six hours on the website meant six hours in which no writing occurred. But as with any business, a website is my storefront to the world and until yesterday my display window looked a lot like I was going out of business.

After, it was on to the updating of my calendar for the rest of 2009. Also something that had to go on the website, but put into my physical calendar, as well. In looking at my calendar for the last five months of the year, I wondered: When in the hell is any writing going to get done? But it will. It has to, bottom line.

I also organized and answered e-mails and cleaned out my e-mail account of stuff I didn't need. Created folders on the computer and sorted documents and photos for ease in finding later. This is still not complete, but after spending nearly 10 hours on the computer yesterday, I pulled my weary eyes away for the rest of the day. Then I watched several hours of guilt-free TV and did a few physical chores.

I hate housework, both the writing kind and the house kind. But both need to be done and both never seem to get done fully and to my satisfaction.

Sigh, what's a gal to do?

Now where's that new toilet brush?

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Beth Solheim said...

You're correct. I asked my dad, and he said God is no longer in short pants. He also said God's waiting for the release of Ghost ala Mode. I smell a celestial book review.