Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sue Ann, Where Art Thou?

See this picture? Well, this is me for the next several weeks. Morning, evenings and weekends. My only respite will be time spent at the day job and two speaking gigs.

You see, I have a book due soon. And I mean SOON! In 39 days to be exact. And thanks to life getting in the way, it's not nearly close to being done.

Now that the proof of Ghost a la Mode is in the hands of my publisher, the Mud Run a thing of the past, my computer fixed, and my calendar fairly cleaned off, I will be booking it hard core on the computer to finish the 2nd Granny Apples mystery, Hot 'n Haunting.

Every now and then I will poke my head up like a prairie dog. You'll see a blog or two. A Tweet or three. Even the occasional Facebook entry. But not much more. Just enough to let you know I'm alive.

See you on the other side!

Note: Around the end of June, look for an announcement about a very special launch event for Ghost a la Mode!

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