Thursday, June 04, 2009

Next Stop - Mud Run!

In less than 48 hours the 2009 Mud Run will be behind me. I will have either made it through the course or not, but it will be over.

This morning I had my last workout. I power walked for 2 miles and felt great doing it. Shorter than my usual training walks, but perfect for 2 days before the event. I've studied photos of past Mud Runs and blogs written by people who have done it before. Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to practice my bear crawl (for the tunnels and sand crawl).

I truly believe I have a good shot at finishing the race the first time through, although not with time to spare. It will be close getting my fat ass through the course, up the hills, through the tunnels, over the walls, and through the mud in 2 hours 45 minutes or less. But nothing will stop me from trying my best, not even my own personal insecurities.

This morning while walking it occured to me that some people on the course are going to laugh at me or think I shouldn't even be there. Here I am, a 56-year-old, post menopausal woman, about 100 lbs overweight, trudging/limping/crawling behind 3,500 athletes.

Picture the pooper-scooper following the circus parade and you'll have an idea of how I was feeling.

Then it occurred to me - hey, I write humorous books. Who gives a shit if someone laughs at me? Isn't that kind of my stock- in-trade? I'm even wearing a funny shirt at the race.

So laugh it up, folks. Remember, this experience is probably going to end up in a future Odelia Grey book.

My next post will be Sunday, June 7th, and will be a recap of the race, hopefully with a few photos. If you don't see me post on Sunday, start calling the hospitals around Camp Pendleton.


Mark said...

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how you do. I am seriously contemplating trying this myself next year.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Mark, we can do it together. If I don't finish, I'll be back. If I finish and have fun, I might want to come back. :)

Veronica said...

I think you will rock on Saturday! I am happy I have discovered your blog. Much luck! Also, thanks for letting me know I should be practicing that crawl... I was on the sidelines last year, and the crawl truly is the icing on a disgusting cake. It is a great idea to practice a bit. Good luck!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...
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A.H. Ream said...

There is no judgment in running. Really, there's not. I've been on the start line of more races than I can count. I've won my division, and I've been beaten by a woman with one leg. I've lined up in the front-of-pack and had my a*% handed to me by a guy running in a bunny suit. And the only person who ever noticed if I was having a great race or a bad one was me. The friendship and fellowship is always the same.

Sharon said...

I sure wouldn't laugh at you, rather I would laugh with you. I can relate to post-menopausal out of shape woman. At my check up today my Dr asked if I was still doing three hours of exercise. I asked if that was "per week and not per day, right?" That actually earned me a faint smile from Dr. Perfectly-in-shape. This was after I nearly fell off my clog shoe as I attempted to put it back on after my weigh-in. So, Brava, SueAnn- I wish I could be there to cheer you on!

Diana said...

You go Sue Ann! I am going to be cheering you on.
You are one tough babe, screw post-menopausal... you're my hero!!

Alan Orloff said...

Man, I am so tempted to buy a ticket, hop on a plane and come root you on.

I guess I'll have to settle for watching the highlights on SportsCenter.

Good luck!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Cin said...

Go, Sue, Go! Have a great time at the Mud Run. Can't wait to hear all about it.

sparkly_jules said...

I'm rooting for you Sue Ann!! I know you'll be great!!!!

Bon chance!