Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From the Mail Bag: A Postcard From Odelia

Yesterday in my mail there was a postcard from Odelia - yes, THAT Odelia - the fictional amateur sleuth I created from my heart, soul and mind. Seems she's tooling around London, having a great time, and sent me a postcard to prove it.

Sigh ...

Wish I was running around London right now. My friend Miles is in Scotland at the moment with his daughter trying to entice Nessie to come home with them. LB, the Muddy Runner, just returned from a great trip to Montreal. Pal Eric Stone is in his car seeing America and pushing his latest book, Shanghaied, like pot at a rock concert. And a group of friends are heading to Vegas this weekend.

Sigh ...

My travel plans include going no further than from my apartment to work and back again. If I'm lucky, there might even be a trip to Target somewhere along the line. And this weekend, with a Granny Apples mystery due in a month, my destination will be no further than my computer.

Well, rest up Odelia, because as soon as Hot 'n Haunting is finished, you'll be put back to work on your own new mystery adventure. Hope you at least got to meet Sherlock while in London.

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