Saturday, June 27, 2009

From the Mail Bag - Odelia Does London

Determined to win the "How Odelia Spent Her Summer Vacation" contest, reader Shirley Pearson took a copy of Thugs and Kisses with her to London this past week. She went into Hatchard's book shop in Piccadilly to take a photo of it for the contest and discovered Booby Trap already on the shelf! Right up there with P.D. James, no less!

Even better, Shirley assures me that Booby Trap was already turned out, that she did not do it for the photo. YAY!

Remember, the How Odelia Spent Her Summer Vacation contest is currently running until September 15, 2009. To enter, just click on the link and follow instructions. We've already had entries, so don't delay.

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