Sunday, June 14, 2009

From the Mail Bag - A Big Bite of Ignorance

I received the following e-mail this morning from a Pete XXXXX.

Do men allow you to perform oral sex on them, or are they too afraid that anything that enters your gaping maw will never be seen again. I would probably let you blow me, but if you tried to put mustard on my wiener I would certainly have second thoughts.

Now, I have no idea who Pete is or how he found me or why he felt compelled to send me such a nasty note from his personal e-mail address, but for lack of better judgement on his part, he did.

Did Pete (may I call you Pete?) think this note would cause me to sink into a quicksand pit of self-pity and tears? Did he hope I would shrink like a genteel hot house flower from words conjuring up images of blow jobs? Did sending this missive to me on a Sunday morning make him feel better about himself? Did saying this give him a blast of manly testosterone like a can of Red Bull boosts energy?

Hard to tell.

One thing is for sure, if Pete is over the age of 13, shame on him for airing the nasty side of his personality in public like unclean boxers. And if he thinks sending me notes like this won't end up in the public realm, then shame on him for not doing his homework.

I've been subjected to insults like this most of my life. For many years, they hurt deeply. Now they just strengthen my resolve to shine a light on prejudice in all of its ugly forms. Although no one was hurt physically and property wasn't vandalized, notes like this are still "hate crimes" fueled by prejudice and ignorance.

BTW, Pete, I only give BJ's to men and those men must have at least a triple digit IQ. Rest easy, you wouldn't qualify.


Stacia said...

OMG, is his name really "Pete(r)"? Maybe his middle name is "Dick"....

What a pervert.

Karen MacInerney said...

How appalling. I am so sorry you had to find such an awful e-mail in your inbox. *hugs* Karen

Karen MacInerney said...

and I almost forgot... thanks, Sue Ann, for having the courage to shine your light into those dark and awful corners! You're a beacon for the rest of us.

A.H. Ream said...

In addition to the ignorance, nastiness and immaturity, which you handled better than I could, can we also call bulls*&% on this "let you" business for the sake of all women? There is no "let." There is gratitude and grace and respect or there will be no sex - oral or otherwise.

sparkly_jules said...

It's been my experience, in general, that misogynistic woman-haters such as Wang, er, I mean Peter, are NOT getting sex of any kind usually because of the minuscule size of A) their tiny wieners or B) self-esteem or C) both.

What an@$$hat. Good on you Sue Ann!!


JeanC said...

SNERK!!!!!! What a twit!! Any self respecting troll would have this wannabe trollet for lunch. Good response to it.

SIGH! The quality of trolls has gone so far down hill in the last few years it isn't funny. They used to be fun to play with, so eager to try and bring one down to their level they actually tried to come up with something clever, but no. Gone are the days of troll's whose IQ were at least 3 digits. Now we are subjected to wannabes who can barely rise to 2 digit IQs if they are lucky and still live in their parents basements :P

Diana said...

I seriously doubt Pete(r) has a weiner. It was probably sucked up inside him, along with his balls.
Hey Pete, what's your psychosis? Fear of strong females? Was mommy a ball buster?
Go see a shrink!!