Friday, June 12, 2009

Bum Knee, Bummed Out

Tomorrow is the Ronald McDonald Los Angeles House 5K Walk. I am signed up and I've raised quite a bit of money for this, one of my favorite charities. Unfortunately, I will not be amongst the walkers. Last week I did something to my left knee after the Mud Run. That's right. After 6.2 miles of mud, obstacles and killer hills with only a few scratches, I twisted my good knee getting off the shuttle bus that took us back to the parking lot. I called it dumb. My friend Joni called it ironic.

Whatever it's called, I'm a bit pissed about it. I love walking in the RM walk and I do it with colleagues from my law firm. All week I have been resting and babying my knee. It's a lot better, but not in any shape to walk 3 miles without setting me back.

To date, I am the top fund raiser at my firm for the RM walk. I want to thank all of you who contributed - those who bought character names (there's still 1 left!) and those who donated other sums. A lot of families are cared for at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House and you became a part of it by supporting me, lame or not.

And even though I'm not walking tomorrow, there is still time to make your donation to this very worthy cause. Just go to my page. Donations are being accepted through June. I'll be doing 5K in my chair with my knee elevated.

I'm dedicating half of my Mud Run to the LA Ronald McDonald House. Would that be okay with you?

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A.H. Ream said...

Aw, sweetie. I'm so sorry you're hurt. Remember R.I.C.E.


You'll be better in no time.