Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T Minus 10

10 days from today is the Mud Run. Although for me it's really a Mud Walk. I've been blogging about this for over a year and now it's finally here! Am I ready? Nope. Am I still doing it. You betcha!!! Wild horses couldn't stop me from being at that starting line with my colleagues and friends. I will be forging ahead in the spirit of every fat, middle-aged woman with a dream.

In the next 8 days I'll be pushing my training hard to get my stamina up, then I'll take a day or so to rest my body before the event. I'm going to get this thing done, or I'll be signing up to do it next year ... and every year after that until I do complete it in the time limit.

My plan is to keep to a steady pace, one foot in front of the other, taking each hill and each obstacle as they come, much like the way I write - tackling each chapter, each page, each word until a manuscript is done.

That reminds me, I also have a manuscript due to my publisher in ... let's see ... 66 days.

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Mark said...

I am anxiously await hearing how it goes for you.