Monday, May 11, 2009

How Odelia Spent Her Summer Vacation!

Enter How Odelia Spent Her Summer Vacation and Win a Signed Copy of Ghost à la Mode!

To enter – take a photo of any cover of an Odelia Grey novel in someplace interesting or doing something fun this summer and forward it to, along with a very short explanation of the photo, and your snail mail address.

All entries must be in a suitable and common format (i.e., jpg) and become the property of Sue Ann Jaffarian upon entry. Contest will run from May 16 through September 15, 2009. Entries received after September 15, 2009 will not be considered. Three winners will be chosen and their names and photos will be posted on Babble ‘n Blog a week after contest closes.

All entries must be made via e-mail. No snail mail entries.

Be original and creative. Put yourself into the photo, if possible. When sending photo, explain where it is and what you are doing – don’t make me guess. Do not be vulgar or obscene. Do not depict anything illegal (i.e., Odelia should not be holding up a bank, etc.)

Everyone have a fun summer with Odelia Grey and her friends.


Mark said...

So how many winners will there be? How many times can we enter?

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

There will be 3 winners. Enter as often as you like.