Monday, April 27, 2009

What? Me Worried?

The LA Times Festival of Books was, as always, a great event. I met many faithful readers of my Odelia Grey series and had the opportunity to introduce it to many new readers. Both the Sisters In Crime Mystery Book Store booths were hard working and a fun time. A big THANK YOU to both organizations.

Okay, with one of the biggest book weekends of the year behind me, it was time to review my calendar this morning. Unless I've missing something, I have clear sailing from now until the Mud Run on June 6th. A full 40 days to concentrate on my Mud Run training and the writing of Granny Apples #2 (which is due in 96 days). Outside of the time spent at the law firm, those two things are the only items I will be focusing on besides feeding and tending the cats.

We're talking hardcore work on both, especially the Mud Run training.

Fasten your seat belts, kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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