Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning Drama

This morning I did something I only do once a year - I gave B a B-A-T-H.

B is my 19 lb. Norwegian Forest Cat. She's a sweet, gentle soul with a soft purr that sounds like a dove's coo and a louder version reminiscent of an electric massager. Although she's not a lap cat, she loves to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV. At night she sleeps next to me with her head on the extra pillow and snores. Her favorite toys are the mouse track and the cardboard scratch box. She's shy and afraid of strangers and has an addiction to crunchy cat treats and cat nip. Yes, folks, she's my little stoner.

She has more fur than 3 cats combined and it can deteriorate into messy mats faster than she can go after a bug. I brush her regularly and remove the mats, but once a year I have to give her a bath. Why, you ask, don't I just take her to a groomer? One, it's expensive, but mostly, because of her nervous nature. It would be more traumatic to her than my annual assault with water and kitty shampoo.

This year though, I tried something different with better success. After shampooing her in the large kitchen sink, amidst loud, heartbreaking yowls sure to wake my neighbors, I wrapped her in a towel and transported her to the bathroom. There I shut the door, and the other cat out, and went to work on her with towels and a hair dryer. I didn't succeed in getting her dry but at least she wasn't sopping wet when she escaped and dashed under the bed, where I'm sure she'll stay for the next 24 hours.

Work, writing, and training for the Mud Run are child's play next to washing a 19 lb cat. I'm just thankful it hasn't occurred to her to scratch and bite. What can I say, she isn't the brightest bulb. But then, neither is her human mother. I totally forgot to bring the camera into the bathroom. Well, there's always next year.


JeanC said...

At least your kitty lets you brush and de-mat her. Our 20+ Maine Coon will only let us brush his head and back. Anywhere else and we have a fight on our hands :P Have't tried giving him a bath yet, I need to get some kevlar arm guards first.

He is right up there with yours on the fur department. We usually have enough fur when we can brush him to knit a new Maine Coon. We are considering taking him to a groomer, if we can find one affordable enough. Otherwise I will be tackling him and going after him with the electric trimmer as his haunches and pantaloons are solid mats. He's going to look awfully cute with a lion cut BWAHAHAHA!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Friends have suggested I have a groomer give B a lion's cut in the summer. She really suffers in my non-AC apartment. But she's humiliated enough when I cut out the mats, can't imagine the trauma she'd suffer with a lion's cut.

But I think her biggest humilation comes when I lift her tail and trim the thick hair on her haunches and below her anus for a "poop chute."

Aleta said...

B is beautiful! I understand your struggle with the hair. I have a longhaired cat - Angel Kitty - and she got her annual lion's cut last Thursday. She's a very skittish kitty; I'm the only person she'll allow to touch her (except for the vet but only because she's scared stiff when we go there), and I have her sedated to get the cut done. It is done at the vet's office. A couple of years I had it done at Petsmart and they don't sedate, and she did surprisingly well, not traumatized at all, but later I found that they had cut her a bit on the belly.