Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Rainy Day Review

Been up since 4 am. Wrote for a few hours until it was time to walk my scheduled 6.2 miles. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook), it was cold and rainy out so I kept writing. I'm working on the 2nd book in the Granny Apples mystery series and the book is moving along nicely. Hope that trend keeps up! Meanwhile the Mud Run is a short 10 weeks away - YIKES!!! I've been training, but not nearly enough. Gotta really step it up, rain or no rain. Will hit at least part of the trail later today.

Had a great signing Friday night at the Barnes and Noble in Orange. Lots of friends and friends of friends stopped by to say hello and buy books, as well as a lot of new readers. If you live out that way and want a signed copy of Booby Trap, the BN in Orange (791 S. Main Street, Orange, CA) should still have a few.

Tonight is the finale of Big Love. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I've been watching this exciting HBO series since its inception and this season they have really ramped up the tension and drama. Tomorrow at the law firm, I know several of us will be gathered around the coffee pot discussing tonight's final episode. If you haven't seen this series, try catching it on On Demand. Tom Hanks is one of the executive producers.

Saw a fun kid's movie yesterday on HBO - Nim's Island. I had it on while I was doing stuff in front of the TV. The movie itself wasn't anything much beyond just cute, but Jodie Foster's portrayal of an agoraphobic adventure novelist who interacts with her protagonist in a very real way was a hoot and made the movie worth watching.

BTW - Tried something different this year. I actually did my taxes ahead of schedule! Yes, that's right. Usually, I'm hunkered down on April 13-14 doing them, but not this year. They are done!!!! Not mailed, but D-O-N-E, as in finished.

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