Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Addiction

Gawd help me, but I have added yet another addiction to my long list of personal compulsions. No, it's not a hot TV show or new cookie or re-released flavor of Ben and Jerry's. I have become obsessed with reading the blog Above the Law. It calls itself a "legal tabloid." Basically, it's a juicy blog stew of news, commentary, and rumors about anything having to do with the law, such as lawyers, law firms, judges, etc.

I was introduced to Above the Law when a co-worker at my law firm sent me the link, giving me the latest news of layoff blood-letting going on in law firms around the nation. Seeing that several of my friends have already been laid off this year, I was eager to keep abreast of the carnage. Thus was I hooked as easily as a fish contemplating a writhing worm.

Another blog of the same ilk is Law Shucks. Law Shucks actually has a Lay Off Tracker, completed with graphs. Here is a taste of their statistics:

As of March 20, 2009, there have been over 9,125 people laid off by major law firms (3,770 lawyers / 5,355 staff) since January 1, 2008. 7,259 (2,874 lawyers, 4,385 staff) in calendar 2009 - 2,937 (1,059 / 1,878) in March.

As for my job, so far so good. My law firm has not yet laid anyone off and they seem to be doing their best to make sure it doesn't happen. I'm actually busier than ever, which should keep my butt in my chair for the long haul. I've been laid off twice before, both times from corporations because my job disappeared after mergers. Trust me, it ain't pretty.

For those of you who have been laid off or those seriously worried about it, my heart and thoughts go out to you. Been there, done that. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Getting laid off is a lot like getting laid. Either way, you know you're going to get screwed.

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A.H. Ream said...

"Getting laid off is a lot like getting laid."


Man, have I been doing it wrong.