Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Starting To Get a Bit Worried


Okay, here's the reality: The Camp Pendleton Mud Run is in 73 days. That's 2 months, 12 days exactly. Yesterday on You Tube I found several videos of Mud Runs past. This one, from 2007, was my favorite:

Holy ... Freaking ... Shit!

Oh, did I say that out loud?

In some ways, I found the videos comforting. They gave me a sense of what to expect. On the other hand they scared the pee out of me. I scanned videos for a good hour or more and you know what? I didn't see one middle-aged, fat woman in the bunch. Maybe they can put me in my own category. Maybe they'll extend the time limit from 2 hours, 45 minutes to 4 hours. I could do it in 4 hours, I'm sure. I might even be able to do in in 3 hours, 30 minutes. Currently, I can walk a 10K in 2 hours. That only leaves 45 minutes for Suicide Hill, tire and hay obstacles, fire hoses, 2 5 ft walls, mud pits and rivers. That's not exactly good time management.

One of the attorneys at work thinks we should get tee shirts with personal sayings on them. Hers would be "Very SLOW and Sporadically STEADY." Mine would be "Do it or Die Trying."

Which reminds me, I'd better have all my affairs in order by June 6th.

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