Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Writers Having Fun and Signed Books

This past weekend I just hung out, did chores and relaxed. Tim Maleeny was down from San Francisco signing his new Cape Weathers novel, Greasing the Pinata. We met up for lunch just before he signed books at The Mystery Book Store.

Sunday I spoke at the monthly meeting of the LA chapter of Sisters in Crime. My topic was Signed in Blood - What Really Happens After You Land That Book Contract. It was a packed house, in spite of it being Super Bowl Sunday. And it's fair to say more than just a couple of folks went away a bit shell-shocked by the publishing process. As I told the crowd, I was there to knock the stars from their eyes, but not the hope from their hearts. Michael Mallory kicked off the meeting with a rousing reading from his latest book, The Exploits of the Second Mrs. Watson.

I was aided in my discussion by pal Eric Stone, who backed-up what I was saying and provided his own advice to the crowd. After, several of us adjourned to a nearby French bistro for wine and hors d'oeuvres. For a colorful account of our gathering, check out Ashley's blog.

Signed Books - Several folks have asked how to get their hands on signed books if they cannot make one of my signings, or if I am not coming to their area. It's simple. Contact The Mystery Bookstore. They have copies of all four Odelia Grey novels and will be happy to assist you. I live fairly close to the store, so can dash in to sign books, as necessary.

To order a signed book, call 310-209-0415 or 800-821-9017 and tell them what you what and how you want it signed (just signature, signature and date, any special inscriptions, etc.). They will take good care of you.

Photos: Top - with Tim Maleeny; Bottom - left to right - Diana James, Darrell James, Eric Stone, A.H. Ream, Michael Mallory, me.

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