Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Week to Aloha Time!

With only one week before my flight, I am finally excited about going to Hawaii and attending Left Coast Crime. At some point last week, my brain finally kicked itself in the ass and said quit whining and bitching and start celebrating your upcoming vacation. Maybe it was the fever and chills that accompanied the stomach bug I fought all week. Maybe the three days of nausea and stomach cramps brought on the clarity. Or maybe it was the fact that someone pissed me off so much I circled the wagons and came out with guns-a-blazing. That always clears a pity-party. Whatever it was, I'm glad I'm finally out of my doldrums and back on track mentally.

This weekend I'm on vacation alert. I'll be going through the clothing I'm taking on my trip, making sure each piece is clean, mended and fits. There's also a trip to Target on the agenda, along with cleaning the apartment and organizing my desk. And, of course, lots and lots of writing.

Currently, most of my attention is on Granny Apples Book #2. I don't have a working title. I had a title in mind when I started the book, but now that I'm three chapters into it, the title doesn't work, but I know one will present itself in time. Besides, original titles have a way of being discarded along the path to the final printing of a book, so no need to get concerned. If I don't come up with one, I know my publisher will. I'm also working on Odelia Book #6, also without a current working title.

These past few weeks, I have also decided that every weekend, I will devote a couple of hours to a non-mystery novel I've been fussing over for many years. It's title is God's Apology. This book is the very first novel I ever wrote and my agent loves it, so does my manager and ex-boyfriend (who can argue with good taste). Problem is, I'm not happy with it in its present form. It's been sitting ignored for about a year or so now, and at last I finally feel ready to make a final push on it. It's going to need a total overhaul - a tearing apart and putting back together. And it cannot get in the way of Granny and Odelia.

Guess I'd better get going. Target opens soon and I hate to fight the weekend crowds.

One week - seven days - and I'm on Aloha Time! Someone get me a Mai Tai.

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