Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Shit List - Literally

So what else is new? Seems I'm always on someone's shit list. This time it's Raffi's. Raffi is my male cat. I seem to get on his shit list more often than most, but these days he's absolutely beside himself. This morning I got up and found poop in the dining area. He's done this before, but usually when the litter box needs cleaning. This morning the litter box was just fine. Last week I found poop behind the rocking chair.

You see, he hates the fact that I spend so much time at the computer at home. He's already shredded my desk chair to the point yellow foam is falling out of it like dirty snow. This week he took to sitting on my desk with his back to me, his face nose-to-nose with the computer screen, virtually blocking my view. He's a big cat, about 13 lbs of muscle, not fat at all. He's strong and opinionated. Just ask any of my friends who have met the animal. Still, considering he weighs 13 lbs and I weigh ... well, a lot more ... you'd think I'd have the upper hand. Wouldn't you?

If you doubt what I say, think of this. This morning I wrote for an hour or so, pushing him out of the way and dropping him to the carpet with regularity. Soon after, I went to take my shower. When I came back to the computer there was a nice tidy pile of poop right next to my chair. Fortunately for me, he only likes and eats dry food and hasn't been peeing along with the poop.

My other cat, B, watches all this with wide eyes, worried that I'll lose the battle and Raffi will take over the household once and for all. She's smart enough to know to get out of his way when he's mad. Me, not so much.

Photo above is of the real Raffi, not some pic purloined from the web.

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JeanC said...

Oh dear, yeah, you may out weigh him, but with it comes to battling a cat, the cat usually wins. I should know, we currently have three and they usually come out the winners. Occasionally we actually win, but I suspect that is because they let us so we wouldn't feel bad LOL