Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting Into a Rutt

Okay, I finally did it. I went to Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe. My gal pal Ashley (A.H. Ream) and I get together for dinner once in while and hit local dives. Ashley lives to find good eats at dives, but I discovered Rutt's. We'd made plans before to go together, but never made it, so Monday, on a whim, I went on my own.

Gotta tell you, Rutt's is a damn cute dive. The food is CHEAP, plentiful, and unusual. The staff was friendly and the place clean. Downside, it's a heart attack waiting to happen. At least what I ordered. Because it was so cheap and I couldn't make up my mind, I ordered both the short ribs and pork to go, thinking I would get about 3-4 actual meals from it. Not so. I made a little piggy out of myself. The boneless short ribs were spectacular and swam in greasy tasty sauce. The pork was very fatty and covered in a thick gravy. Both came with rice and a fabulous macaroni salad. Not a vegetable in sight.

I gobbled the ribs and macaroni salad down and took a took a taste or two of the pork. I left the rice alone. Later that night and the next morning, I was dying and felt sick as hell. And I didn't even eat it all.

No, the food wasn't bad. It's just that my eating habits have, thankfully, changed. I'm finding now when I eat a lot of meat, or anything fried or greasy, I get sick. I threw out the pork and looked longingly at the cottage cheese and fruit in my fridge. I think the cottage cheese container winked while the cantaloupe wagged a finger at me.

There are several things on the Rutt's menu that look appealing and light, like their soups. And I've heard their breakfasts are wonderful. Will go back, but with a different game plan.

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A.H. Ream said...

One word: Bludso's. Best BBQ outside of K.C. You and me, girl.