Friday, February 06, 2009

A Fan Club????

It's official, I have my first fan club. Yay! It's on Facebook and was started by Cynthia Rielley, a reader in Massachusetts who has become a good friend. This will be a place for book discussions, questions, comments, etc. on all things Odelia. From time to time, it will even feature special contests just for participants.

Everyone is welcome. To join, go to Facebook and search for "Odelia Grey Fan Club."

And thank you, everyone, who wrote after yesterday's blog to express your support and kind thoughts. Things are much better today. Maybe it was a hormonal thing. Didn't walk this morning though because it's pouring rain outside. I not only have a fan club, I have caring people cheering me on!

1 comment:

JeanC said...

Coolness. Just joined :D