Friday, January 16, 2009

You Go, Girl!

This morning the nominations were announced for the Edgars. The Edgars, named after Edgar Alan Poe, are the awards given out to the best mystery novels of the past year by Mystery Writers of America.

No, I wasn't nominated. Sigh...

BUT, my buddy Christa Faust was! Christa's kick ass novel, Money Shot, was nominated for Best Original Paperback!


This is what an Edgar looks like. Probably as close as I'll get to one.


Eric said...

When, and if, the audio book of Money Shot ever comes out, they should hire you to do the reading. I've heard you read from it, you kinkster, you.

Diana said...

As I recall, Sue and Christa made quite a pair the day they read from each other's work. Christa should have brought along her whip, Sue Ann would have made good use of it!!

Congrats to Christa, you deserve it you tough broad!