Monday, November 17, 2008

A Roly Poly Weekend

I did something Saturday evening that I haven't done in YEARS - I went bowling. Yep, bowling, complete with rented shoes, heavy balls, and pins defying gravity and my feeble attempts to knock them down. My dear friend Lori Tillman (who, by the way, is the person I've modeled the character of Zee Washington after in my Odelia Grey novels) threw herself a birthday party Saturday at Strike, a new bowling alley in Tustin.

Let me tell you folks, this ain't your mother and father's bowling alley! High tech, neon, and loud, I felt like I was in a bowling alley right out of the Jetsons. Flat screens the size of cars were everywhere displaying movies, sports and graphics. Vintage, pounding rock music blared. Excellent food was catered to our lane by cheerful waitresses. I haven't had so much fun in ages. Of course, I woke up on Sunday with an aching back, thighs and hips from all the bending and tossing of balls (the shoulder was spared, thankfully). And while I'm not a great bowler, I don't entirely suck. I'm proud to say a few of my frames on each game sported a strike or spare.

Actually, Saturday was a great time from beginning to end. After getting up and writing for a couple of hours, I headed to the Barnes and Noble in Glendora where I was on a panel sponsored by the American Association of University Women. On the panel with me were two very accomplished and fascinating women, Judith Freeman and Karen Stabiner. I enjoyed hearing these authors speak as much as I enjoyed being on the panel. The panel was certainly diverse in topics and the attendees lively and engaging.

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