Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Ye of Little Faith

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my manager, Diana James. We were going over the usual stuff: the upcoming launch of Booby Trap, final edits to The Ghost of Granny Apples, ads and future signings, etc. Conspicuously missing from my half of the conversation was my progress on Corpse on the Cob, Odelia #5. I was avoiding the topic because I'm moving slowly on it (see last blog). When I announced that I'd be spending all day Saturday attending a paralegal conference in downtown LA (remember, I'm still a working paralegal who must maintain required continuing education), and part of Sunday at pal Eric Stone's book launch, Diana hit the roof.

It seems Diana read yesterday's blog about my not getting enough sleep and being thrown off track by it. She also took note of the big-ass 77 days until deadline (now 76, by the way). Anyway, the more she spoke about the deadline, the higher and more strained her voice became. You see, it makes her nervous when she sees the calender moving quickly and me not so much. We go through this with every book I write.

I've assured her that Corpse on the Cob will be done on time. My books always are. But she insisted on nagging me (in a friendly, concerned way) about how much work I have to do on it in such a short time. I also assured her that the book's plot is in my head and all the research has been done and several chapters are finished. I just have to put the rest of it down on paper ... and I'm a fast typist/writer. Nothing would budge the hysteria from her voice. I finally announced that I planned on having the first 100 pages done and polished and to Midnight Ink by November 3rd. She said she didn't think it possible, and told me so in a blunt manner.


We put a wager on it. If the first 100 pages are sent to Midnight Ink on or before November 3rd she buys me dinner. If not, I foot the bill. Of course, in a heroic effort not to upset my writing schedule, she'll probably insist on bringing me take out when I WIN.

As for the January 1st deadline, you'll be happy to know that yesterday I put in a request for a week off at the end of the year from my job at the law firm ... just in case.


Keith Raffel said...

Sweet Diana a nag? You must be exaggerating.

Diana said...

Sue -don't worry, I'll be over with takeout on the weekends, no need to bother getting up from your computer for pesky little reasons like eating.

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