Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Mystery Community Mourns Two of Their Own

This past week the mystery community lost two wonderful authors, Tony Hillerman and Elaine Flinn. Hillerman was a multi-award-winning author best known for the Chee and Leaphorn series featuring Navajo police officers by the same names. He was a master of his craft and beloved by readers. He brought New Mexico to life and into our hearts through his wonderful books.

While I didn't know Mr. Hillerman, I did know Elaine Flinn. I'd seen her at conferences and in the past year or so we'd enjoyed some fun and witty banter via e-mails. She was a kick and loved by many. Elaine penned the award-winning Molly Doyle series set in Carmel, California, and was one of the founders of the Murderati blog, one of my favorites. There's a beautiful farewell to Elaine posted there.

It's always difficult to lose friends and colleagues, but when an author dies, we can still visit with them every time we open one of their books.

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Diana said...

God Bless Tony Hillerman, I was a long time fan. Having lived in Tucson for 10 years, I loved his SW settings and true to life depictions.
Elaine was a doll, she was respected highly and will be missed.
Thanks Sue Ann for remembering them both.
Their work lives on....