Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attention Aspiring Novelists!

Thanks to a posting by Susan Goodwill at Inkspot today, I discovered that November is National Novel Writing Month. And ... did you know ... that there is a program fledgling novelists can participate in during November to get them moving on their manuscripts? Read all about it at Inkspot or go to .

Being that I always have a manuscript due on January 1st, November is always National Novel Writing Month for me. So, while I toil away on Odelia #5, why don't you sign up at Nanowrimo and work alongside me. I could use the virtual company. And it could be the boot in the butt you need to get your writing career jump started.

Just 71 days left until my deadline. But have no fear, I'm chugging along daily and my fingers are smokin'.

1 comment:

Susan Goodwill said...

For what it's worth, I'll be toiling away on the next Kate London Mystery right by your side--cyberspace-side that is...
To pajamas and late nights!