Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Child Sent Into the World ... Sniff

This morning I turned in my changes to the author review copy of Booby Trap. This is the final hurrah in the author's process before a book goes to print. My production editor sends me the proofs with her comments in the margin. I read them, agree or not with her suggestions, add my own edits, and away it goes. The next time I see Booby Trap it will be a real, live book. Another offspring sent off into the world.

But there are still children at home. I'm currently doing the final edits to The Ghost of Granny Apples, incorporating suggestions made by my publisher, and am in the throes of birthing Odelia #5, Corpse on the Cob. A mother's work is never done, although once you get the rhythm down, it does seem to flow easier.

And, yes, I will make the Corpse on the Cob 100-page challenge. And I will do it with many pages to spare.

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Diana said...

Awe come on Sue, cut me some slack... I really wanted you to buy dinner at Houstons!!
I'm not winning this bet, am I?

Go Babe, kick the doors down. Odelia rocks!!!!