Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Trip Report

Now that I've been home a week and have gotten over my hives and feel my spunky self again, I thought it time to report on my trip to Northern California. In spite of the hives, I had a great time. It was fun, productive and relaxing.

My first stop was a hook-up with fellow authors, Sophie Littlefield, Tim Maleeny and Keith Raffel. Keith suggested we meet at the cafe where he writes daily. His hang out turned out to be the lounge at the Palo Alto Marriott. It was beautiful, quiet, and the staff and service fabulous. No longer will I picture Keith slaving over his lap top in a crowded and noisy local dive. It was fun catching up with my writing buds and sharing great news all around. Tim has a new book coming out in December call Greasing the Pinata. He passed around the new cover and it's fabulous! Sophie has a new book coming out next August called A Bad Day for Sorry, which I had the honor of reading and blurbing recently. And Keith recently landed a new agent.

From there I was off to San Carlos where I stayed with my dear friends the Boghossians. I've known John and Paula forever, even before there was a John and Paula, and Paula's family is like family to me. When I arrived, it was so heart warming to see the entire Boghossian/Manougian clan waiting with hugs and dinner. When I wasn't dashing around to book events and book stores, I spent a lot of time relaxing on their patio reading and playing with their dog Max (sorry, B and Raffi).

Both of my speaking events were very successful and I met a lot of wonderful people and got reacquainted with some familiar faces. First, I spoke at the Women In County Government at the Courthouse in Redwood City. The next night I spoke at the annual Hospitality Night for the San Mateo Legal Secretaries Association. I received a warm and enthusiastic welcome at both. Kepler's Book Store handled book sales at both events. Kepler's - you ROCK! (BTW - Kepler's may be the only book store in the Bay Area who has signed copies of my books, so check them out!)

I don't have any book-related events calendared until next year when Booby Trap comes out, so I'll have plenty of time to stick close to home and work on Odelia #5 and Granny #2.

Photos: Top - Tim Maleeny, Sophie Littlefield and Keith Raffel; first right - Boghossian/Manougian family; 2nd left - with Cynthia St. John of Kepler's; bottom right - with Carol Karwatt, who booked me for both speaking engagements. Thanks, Carol!

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