Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neal Got My Vote

Beauty comes in all forms. This season a friend got me hooked on America's Got Talent. It's a fun show and whether you think some of the contestants have talent or not, you have to agree they all have moxie. They are all following their dream and that takes guts.

My favorite is Neal E. Boyd, an insurance salesman from Missouri. His first audition blew me away. I play it on YouTube all the time and it always makes me cry. Last night he performed in the semi-finals. He sang Somewhere and was perfect. I couldn't wait to cast my votes for him. Next week I'll be ensconced on my sofa cheering him on in the finals. GO NEAL!!!

If you want to hear pure beauty, watch the links above.

Neal, honey, I hope you win. But even if you don't, I'm sure you'll have a great career and I'll be in line for your first CD.

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Moe said...

Not only "moxie" but I think nerves of steel. I associate doing what they are doing with taking a step out of an airplane. It must be incredibly nerve racking. I'd probably cry.