Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Bonehead Hit Man?

As I reported last week, a murder occurred in the parking structure of my office building. It's still a topic of speculation around conference room tables and in elevators, interest fueled by new information reported every few days.

What we have so far: It wasn't random. It wasn't a robbery or screwed up car jacking. The victim was in the middle of a messy divorce. The victim and her estranged husband owned a gold business that was under Federal investigation. The attacker, a man probably in his 20's, sped away in a red SUV.

Sounds like something from a TV show or thriller fiction, doesn't it? But it's real and it's close to home. But yesterday even more information was released.

I felt almost from the beginning that this was a hit, but there are hits made by high level assassins, and then there are hits made by boneheads. Check out the new information and make your own call.

It was bad enough the killer drove a RED SUV. Talk about not flying under the radar. Also, he drove it into a gated parking garage, took a parking ticket, then had to PAY for his parking after he was done with his horrible deed. A gated parking garage, mind you, with a security camera that captures all licenses plates. Most fancy garages do, by the way, just in case you are planning a heist or leaving work early.

From the photo of the license plate, the police have traced the RED SUV to a car rental place (don't most hit men steal their get-a-way cars?). Better yet, the RED SUV was rented using a credit card belonging to the victim's estranged husband at a rental company near his place of business.

The news said the husband is in custody on "unrelated charges." And that he is a suspect, but hasn't been charged yet.

I'm still betting it's a hit. A very sloppy one done by a relative or someone close to the family. Geez, if this were in one of my books, I'd be playing this hit man for big laughs.


Bill Cameron said...

It's too bad about the woman (though maybe she was really awful and needed killing), but no doubt there is comedy gold (rimshot) to be mined here.

Mark Combes said...

Sounds like this guy should have picked up a couple novels to give him some pointers.....

Stacia said...

It's amazing that this idiot managed to off the right person. It could have been you!

sparkly_jules said...

Who was that famous French author? Alexdre Ddd. . .Du . . .Dum. . . Dumbass, yeah, that's it!!

Oh brother. Maybe you can fit this in a future novel. . .LOL

Too bad for that poor woman. Ugh.



sparkly_jules said...

Alexandre...geez, I can't type. LOL

Chatty said...

Big laughs, indeed! I know this is real, and not humorous at all - but taking a parking ticket, and paying as you leave??? In a rented RED SUV? Rented with the victim's ex-husband's credit card? Sheesh. That's a really special kind of stupid...if you had made this guy up, people would accuse you of being unrealistic...