Monday, July 07, 2008

Who Says Weed(s) Makes You Dumb

While watching the last episode of Weeds for the second time, I took note of something that made me go hmmmmm. No, it wasn’t the idea that I could have a second career as a drug dealer. Though in my case it would be a third career, right after writer and paralegal. Rather, it was an important observation. One that could be important to my personal security.

You see, in the 3rd episode of this season of Weeds, Nancy temporarily switches cars with her drug lord boss, Guillermo, and then is surprised when he tracks her down at her new home by the beach. Simple explanation: her home address was stored in her GPS under “home.”

Okaaaaaaaaay. My home address is stored on my GPS under “home.” And I’ll bet most of yours are, as well.

This means that every time you leave your car with a parking valet, they have access to your home address, complete with driving instructions. It also means that if your car is stolen, the crooks have access to your home address.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Here’s more food for thought. A criminal doesn’t even have to steal the car. He/She only needs to break into cars in long-term parking at the airport. Start up the car to get the GPS going and, bingo, there's your address and, chances are, you’re not home, you’re traveling. If you have a portable GPS, like I do, you don’t even have to start up the car to get the information. Just hit the on button.

Needless to say, my home address is no longer stored under “home.” Nor do I keep my portable GPS in the car when I’m not using it.

And you thought watching a sitcom about drugs was a waste of time … silly wabbit.


Dee Ann Palmer said...

Amazing what we can learn from fiction, isn't?

This is good information. I didn't know this, but we never leave our GPS unit in the car. I went through the Citizens Police Academy in town, and they stressed over and over not to leave ANYTHING in your car. Not even under the seats - the first place thieves look.

For instance, when in the parking lot of the local fitness center, ladies shouldn't put their purses in the trunk of their car and then go into the fitness center for a workout. Don't go back and forth to your car to leave packages while shopping, especially at holiday time.

It's out-of-towners who break into vehicles here. They've told police, "This is a nice town. People don't expect to have things stolen from their cars."

Thanks for the tip, Sue Ann.

Dee Ann Palmer
"Marathon Madness" in "LAndmarked for Murder"

SusanKr said...

We always take the GPS out as well - but our HOME is programmed for the police station a couple of blocks away. I know how to get home from there (grin).