Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too Close For Comfort

Update on this blog: The murdered woman was not working in the building as originally thought, but had been there for an appointment. Several of my co-workers had to leave their cars in the parking structure for the night and get rides/cabs home. For more on this story.

You’d think that writing fiction about murders and murderers would make me a bit jaded about it, but the truth is, I think it makes me more sensitive to the horror.

I arrived at work this morning just before 9:00 a.m. to find the front of my office building covered in news vans. I figured it was a politician making rounds or maybe one of the thousands of attorneys working in the building was involved in a big case. That’s usually what happens.

Not today.

Last night a woman who worked in our building was murdered in the parking structure. She was killed on the 3rd floor around 6:30. I park on the 4th floor and left at 6:20. Even though it seems her attacker knew her, it still makes me shiver and weak in the knees.

They haven’t yet released her name, but Jane Doe or not, a woman lost her life about the time I drove out of the garage on my way home. Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? Everyone in my office is in shock and buzzing about it. Some folks even heard the screams. You always think this stuff happens to other people. And even though this didn’t happen to anyone I know, we’re all very spooked about how close it was.

Whoever this woman was, she had family and friends who are now in shock and mourning. My heart goes out to them in their grief. And to all of us who feel a little less safe today.


Keith Raffel said...

Oh goodness...

Hannah Dennison said...

This is terrible ... I'd be shaken up too! Too close for comfort indeed ... a couple of weeks ago, there was a shooting a block away from where we live at 6 am ... talk about being in the thick of things! Any news on why she was murdered yet?