Friday, July 04, 2008

I Want To Be A Cougar

As most everyone on the planet knows, I’m on a health kick. Truthfully, it can be more accurately described as a health kick, stumble, fall, get back up, dust myself off, keep moving towards the light, type of program, but I am committed to getting healthy and fit in 2008 and beyond. Originally, the goal was to lose weight. Then I took on the daunting goal of training for the 2009 Camp Pendleton Mud Run. Now I’ve added another goal (read, dangling carrot) to the end of the finish line: I want to be a COUGAR!

Last week I was channel surfing during dinner and stumbled across a program on one of those inane entertainment channels. The program featured Hollywood cougars. Not the sleek, lethal felines, or the car. Cougar is slang for a sizzling hot older woman. Generally one who prefers dating younger men.

Okay, I’ve dated younger men, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Well, maybe in some respects, it is. But overall, it’s not. I prefer men over 50. Men I don’t have to explain pre-1980 cultural references to. Men who took a moment of nostalgic silence when Bozo the Clown died this week. Men who were alive when Kennedy was shot – both of them. But dating preferences aside, I still want to be a cougar. I want to be considered hot and sexy when ordering from the senior menu. I want to have a deep, vibrating purr and come hither look, even if I have to do it covered in mud next June at Camp Pendleton.

So I've posted here a few of the over- 50 male celebrities that make this cougar-in-training purr like an outboard motor on a summer lake.

Left side: Armand Assante and Alan Rickman (I've been in love with these gentlemen for decades!).

Right side: Jimmy Smits, Denzel Washington and Pierce Brosnan.

Honorable mention: Harrison Ford, Danny Glover and Andy Garcia.


Felicia Donovan said...

Uh, halooooo? Where's Tom Selleck and Kevin Costner?

Cougars be damned. If one of those guys shows up, I'll be the Lioness, the frikkin Queen of the Jungle...

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Not sure about Costner, but Selleck should have made my honorable mention list, at least. My bad!

Verena said...

You hit the nail on the head. Being a cougar is a great thing, well, as long as you don't have to deal with much younger men. They usually are not as sophisticated as the older ones, and strangely they believe us old chick have to pay the tap when going out. A big price to pay for being a cougar, just to get the boost that we are still hip and sexy enough for much younger guys to notice us and even desire us.

All in all I really prefer the company of men round about my age, but then again, that wouldn't qualify me as a cougar, would it?
Can't we invent another hot term for a still really sexy older woman?

Sonja Paris (author of MAKE THE COUGAR PURR)