Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Houston, We've Got A Problem

Remember yesterday, when I told you how helpful Detective Martinez of the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. had been? Well, now I'm not so sure. Last night I was reworking all the wonderful pages in The Ghost of Granny Apples that I'd produced over the weekend to bring them up to snuff with the way things are really done, and discovered that they would all have to be REWRITTEN!!! Yes, all of them. All the witty dialogue, cute scenarios, and snappy lines would have to be totally overhauled in the quest to get it RIGHT. I also picked the brain yesterday of Mark Hardiman, one of the the attorneys at my day job, and he gave me information that also meant additional rewriting.

sigh ...

24 days to go. Thankfully, all this rewriting is near the end of the manuscript! Still, I see another weekend of hiding out ahead of me to make up this time. And I was doing so well!

I think I'm gonna have a coronary.

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