Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coming Up for Air

Only 31 days until I must ship The Ghost of Granny Apples off to my publisher. Books are going unread. Favorite blogs unvisited. E-mails ignored. Last night, I took time off to sift through old mail to make sure bills get paid.

31 days. Thirty-one. The big 3-0, plus 1.

This is the time when the pedal hits the metal. Or is that the brain hits the pavement? The book isn't finished, but it's still on target to be done in time to leave me 2 full weeks of editing and polishing. Problem is, as I wind down the last third of the manuscript, it keeps wanting to go off in directions I hadn't anticipated. I mean, a dead body showed up yesterday! A body I hadn't anticipated and planned for, yet a body that gave the manuscript an unexpected and delicious twist.

A few days ago, I wrote about going down the rabbit hole. Well, I'm still there, having tea with the Mad Hatter. And it's a fun ride!


Marin said...

You're making me really excited for this book! Yay!

But I hope you're not reading this comment, but writing instead... ;)

Good luck, can't wait!

Stacia said...

Is there room for one more at that tea party? Sounds fun!