Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Steps

My friend Felicia Donovan saw this photo posted on the Killer Hobbies blog and wrote me about how great I'm looking because of my recent weight loss.

Okay, what woman doesn't LOVE hearing that?! But, honestly, it made me a bit embarrassed. You see, the truth is, I haven't lost any more weight. I'm still at about 25 lbs lost after 6 months, but I do think the exercise I've been getting has been making a big difference in how I look. Even my clothes are hanging on me.

I really need to focus on getting more weight off so I can get serious about that mud run next June, but right now, with everything on my plate, I have been eating like crazy. But my new stress eating habits are no where near how I used to eat under stress, so that's progress. Big Progress! Gone are boxes of cookies, replaced with a small handful. Microwaved mini bags of popcorn have replaced chips and crackers. And drive-thru burgers are now ordered solo, without fries, and never doubled.

With my Granny Apples deadline looming (35 days!) and work kicked up several notches, I consider it a victory that I haven't eaten the two cats and Jackson, my little neighbor boy.

Baby steps ... they still get you where you want to go. Just a little slower.

Now, I just have to learn to control my bitchiness. Hmmm, be a bitch or eat? It's like choosing between being run through a paper shredder or suffocated in a barrel of cat litter.

(The above photo was taken at the Sassy Sleuths panel this past Saturday. Behind me, l-r, Harley Jane Kozak, Patricia Smiley and Kathryn Lilley.)


Kathryn Lilley said...

You do look fabulous, Sue Ann! When I posted that photo on Killer Hobbies (the photo came courtesy of SinCLA), I was ruing that I'd chosen to wear leopard spots on Saturday. I've lost some weight, but you'd NEVER know it by that shot of me, lol!

Felicia Donovan said...

I'll stand by my original e-mail that you look great! I can definitely see the loss.

Sometimes it's hard to see the difference in yourself, but from someone who saw you, what, a year ago, I can definitely see a change. You're on your way...