Friday, July 18, 2008

28 Days!

28 days until The Ghost of Granny Apples hits my editor's desk at Midnight Ink! I'm happy to say it's still moving along on schedule. Unfortunately, I injured the heel of my right foot recently, but the upside is, it caused me to cancel all activities for the weekend. So this entire weekend I'll be home nursing my foot and writing like a madwoman.

On the family side, my niece, who is preggers with her first baby, has a blog detailing her pregnancy and how she feels about it. Don't you just love blogs? It gives you a chance to keep up on folks and see how they're doing and what they're feeling. Visit the blog and you can even vote on whether you think the baby is going to be a "Jack" or a "Megan." Even without a crystal ball, I can see a trip to Massachusetts in my future next year!

Off to work now. As much as I'd like to stay home and write full-time, I gotta say, the day job is a nice change of pace for my overworked brain. Not that I don't use my brain at the office (just in case any of them read Babble 'n Blog), but I use it in a different way. Writing with a day job might be a bit grueling, but it's also like having a well-rounded exercise program. One set of activities for the right side of the brain, one for the left side.

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