Friday, June 06, 2008

Want That Supersized?

Okay, I seem to be noticing really bizarre things lately, or is it that normal things are striking me as bizarre. Whatever, this morning, while I was getting dressed for work, I heard an advertisement on the radio for plastic surgery. The ad was for a "boob job combo."

I swear, it was.

Now I've had burger combos, fish combos, manicure and pedicure combos, but a boob job combo?!

Seems, here in Los Angeles (need I say more), you can get a "boob job combo" for $6,500. That would include a boob job and another procedure. All for the low price of $6,500. Seems that while gas, food and rent are skyrocketing, boobs are being put on sale.

What a country!

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Moe said...

What a bargain. ha! Nice jar.