Monday, May 26, 2008

Zap Me Next, Blanche

This must be my weekend for the bizarre. Or maybe my sense of observation is more revved up for some reason. But just a day after spotting the ironing board on my 5K walk, I spotted something else that made me go: “What the hell?”

This time it wasn’t on a busy city street, but on a well-respected book review web site. And this time it wasn’t an ironing board, but a Google advertisement about tasers. You know, those thingies you zap bad guys with. But it wasn’t the ad for the taser that made me sit up and take notice, but what it said.

“Taser Sales Positions - Independent Sales Representatives Host Taser Parties-Make BIG Profit .”

Is it just me? Or does this strike you odd, too?

They now have home parties to buy tasers???

Now I’ve been to Tupperware parties, make-up parties, Pampered Chef parties, clothing parties, candle parties, even lingerie and sex toy parties … but a taser party? Do the ladies sit around and zap each other during the product demonstration? Or does the representative hire some fool to be the “dummy” for that purpose? I can see it now: “Will be tasered for food?”

Then there’s the whole “hostess gift” thing to be considered. If you host a party and your sales exceed a certain amount, what would you receive as a bonus? A heavy duty cattle prod? Handcuffs to secure your attacker after you zap him?

The mind reels at the possibilities.

Oh, by the way, I looked up the company that placed this ad. Did you know that tasers now come in a variety of fashion colors and patterns? How cute is that?


Aimless Writer said...

Tazer parties? A scary commentary on our society?

Lindsay said...

Maybe I should rethink the Pampered Chef think and look in to this....