Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Ironing Board?

Today I did my first 5K. It wasn’t a charity event and I didn’t even try to run any of it.

Last week I mapped out both a 5K and a 10K route to start my personal training for the 2009 Mud Run. The route for both goes from my apartment and travels through Cheviot Hills, an upscale neighborhood of very expensive homes. It’s a very nice route to travel and the path is filled with rolling hills that are both lovely and taxing to my legs.

My time was a bit disappointing, but not terrible. Still, I’m happy that I did it, and proud to say that once I got home, I climbed the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment instead of taking the elevator. I plan to do the route again in 2 days with an eye to shaving off some time. The plan is to eventually be able to do the entire 10K route and, beyond that, to be jogging it instead of walking.

But being a mystery writer, even something as mundane as walking is fraught with puzzles. On the return route, I came upon an ironing board. Yes, an ironing board. It was smaller and more light weight than the one I have at home, but didn’t look like a toy. It was white with a colorful floral cover. And it was just standing there, all alone, without any clue to its purpose.

Okay, let’s re-examine the situation, because I still don’t believe it: I’m in an upscale neighborhood where the smallest of 2 bedroom bungalows start at a cool million. I’m on a well maintained city street, traveled by cars, joggers, and pedestrians (with and without pets). This isn’t exactly the type of neighborhood where residents throw old sofas and chairs to the sidewalk for passersby to pick over.

So where in the hell did the ironing board come from? Could somebody please tell me.

Will there be ironing boards on the Mud Run? Is this an obstacle they didn't tell us about?

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