Monday, April 21, 2008

Rising out of the Ashes

It's been two weeks since my car went up in flames. Seems like it was a million years ago. This past Friday my insurance company paid me for my car. They were very fair and speedy about it and their customer service couldn't have been better (BTW, I have Mercury Insurance.).

As of yesterday, I officially have new wheels. At least new to me. After looking at cars for nearly two weeks, I finally settled on a nearly new 2007 Ford Focus. My last car was a Focus bought from the same dealership. Since I'd had so much luck with it (until the fire), I thought I'd return and see what they had. My new car is exactly like my old one, except it's newer and white.

I'm calling it Sparky. Perhaps I should call it Phoenix, but Sparky has a much more fun sound to it.

The insurance company, however, isn't done with me and my old car. They are still investigating the cause of the fire. You see, I had some repair work done on the engine just 2 days prior to the fire, so we're all just a tad suspicious.

With new wheels under me, it's time to get back to the business of writing and my life in general. After all, The Ghost of Granny Apples is due in less than 4 months.

So, if you really don't mind, Great Powers of the Universe, I'd really like to put the drama of my life on hold for a bit and get back to creating it on the page.

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