Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Name is Sue Ann and I Am An Addict

I have an addictive personality. No, seriously, I do. Fortunately for me it does not involve drugs or alcohol (or sex, in case you're wondering). I have two main vices: good food and TV. And just as I have my favorite food addictions (Ben & Jerry's ice cream topping the list), I have my favorite TV addictions.

One of the things I am totally hooked on is watching the various series offered by both HBO and Showtime. For most of the first-run of The Sopranos, I didn't have HBO. Once I had it, I never watched the show because I felt it was too late to play catch up. And I always sensed that something was lacking in my pop culture education because of it; just as serious as if I had missed reading Animal Farm in high school. HBO is currently showing all of the seasons of The Sopranos, about one season a month, through On Demand. I'm hooked. When each season is offered, I sit and watch 4 or 5 episodes at a time. Oh, yes, I do! Within a few days that season is complete and I have to wait another month for the next season to be rerun.

But it's not just The Sopranos. I did the same with Big Love and Sex In The City. Now I know what all the hullabaloo was about. Whenever I come late to a popular cable series, I sit and watch it almost non-stop until I'm caught up on the episodes. Recently, I finished both seasons of Dexter. And all of John Adams. The Tudors, Californication, and Weeds I've been able to keep up with weekly. Hey, at least John Adams and The Tudors are historically based.

Thankfully, other series have failed to nab my interest.

BTW - Weeds is due to start its new season on June 16th!!! Yea!

Considering the above, I'm sure many folks (including those at my publisher who read my blog) are wondering how in the hell I get any writing done. Me, too.

All I can say is fuggedaboutit and pass the manicotti.

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TerGar said...

Sue Ann -

Just finished Too Big to Miss - love Odelia! Being a 2x myself, I totally relate. Thanks for the great (and real) character!

One tv show I am addicted to on USA is Burn Notice. Love how suave the main character is; love how things don't work for him all the time; love his weird relationships; love the humor. Gotta love the spy biz!