Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Good Swift Kick

For about two weeks or so, my little choo choo train of a life has been off its tracks. Stuff at work, slow writing, looming taxes, worries over the future -- you name it, I've succumbed to its drain on my spirit and attitude. Nothing alarming, just depression as subtle as a low-grade fever. And with that comes my personal problem of stress eating, heroin in the form of mac 'n cheese and cookies. (You think the emotional eating habits of my Odelia Grey character are strictly fiction?!)

But fortunately, none of this lasts forever and yesterday I kicked myself in my ass and stopped throwing a pity party for one.

I'm back writing every morning AFTER my 2.5 mile brisk walk. Back to eating healthy. Back to getting done what needs to be done. Sometimes we need these little interludes of mental illness, just as long as it's not too long-lasting.

The Ghost of Granny Apples is coming along nicely, as is book 5 of the Odelia Grey series. Thugs and Kisses is selling very well and Booby Trap is safe and sound with my publisher.

BTW, I have 122 days to complete The Ghost of Granny Apples. I'd better keep that big boot handy for future kickings!

1 comment:

Stacia said...

I've got a 10 to 11W-sized foot when you need a swift kick. A size 41 (in Birkenstocks) sounds even more intimidating, doesn't it??